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“Why doesn’t this owner understand that $500 is a BARGAIN!?”


Have you struggled with getting into the $400-$500 or more pricing range when selling your ad space?

Have you gotten less than amused responses when you tell them you’re mailing 10,000 people? 

Have you routinely failed to get the prospect motivated enough to buy an ad space ON THE SPOT?


Here’s what I’ve got for you…

Here’s a fact that you’re probably aware of: 80% of small business owners are absolutely stupid when it comes to marketing. They’re completely clueless.

If you’re out there ‘pitching & ditching’ (hoping that the smart owners will just ‘get it’) you’re going to be doing a LOT of prospecting since so few will just ‘get it’ because 80% of them are too stupid!

Don’t you want to sell the stupid ones too? If so, this system will be your savior!

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The Split/Strike Method is exactly what I was looking for after struggling to find my sales groove.

Today’s business owner does not respond well to hard sell tactics. This allows us to set up a 1, 2, 3 punch that results in us walking away with the sale and the business owner feels like they got a deal (which they should, because they did.)

With the  Split/Strike Method, you don’t just have to settle on closing the smart ones, you can close them all. This is a game changer!

– Anthony (localbiz)


No hard selling required

One of the best features of this method is that it doesn’t require any ‘hard’ selling tactic. If you’re not comfortable using the traditional “jack up the price and offer a discount” method, this method will become your new best friend.

  • A bulletproof method to create an absolutely irresistible offer:
  • A foolproof method of justifying your prices easily
  • A clever and highly tempting method to get your prospects to commit NOW.


I  love the Split/Strike Bob! I have actually watched the videos at least 3 times each to be sure my gray matter absorbs it all!
………………………………………..Steve (localmobileleads-ssg)

What’s included

This is a five-part video presentation that I’ve created to give you a complete understanding of how my Split/Strike method works and exactly how you can deploy it.

You’ll learn step-by-step how to instantly improve your pitch and be able to make it ridiculously irresistible to prospects. It solves the problem that many have when they can’t seem to make the prospect “get it”.

Getting our prospects to understand exactly what we’re offering without them jumping to their own conclusions is important, right? We also want to make sure that they clearly understand what a bargain they’re getting when you deliver the price.

In fact, this method teaches you how to get them to WANT to pay more, and they’ll WANT to take advantage of it ON THE SPOT.

I tried out your split/strike method for the first time today with a pitchbook/presentation I made to go along with it, and boy did it hit home. The prospect was literally saying my lines before I was.
– balkp (forum member)


What the video series includes:

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Video One


  • An overview of the method and what it will do.

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Video Two

Mailing Setup

  • How to position your mailings to adapt to this method
  • Setting up your mailing areas to create massive leverage

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Video Three

This is where we get into the ‘split’ system within the method.

  • How to easily get the owners to “get” the power of what you’re offering.
  • Easily develop tremendous ‘perceived value’
  • Create value-packed ‘pieces’ ready to be put together as one.
  •  Set the stage for them to envision the results in their own head

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Video Four

You’ll learn how to structure a solid pricing strategy and how to go about getting any virtually any price you want.
If you want to get big bucks for your ad spaces, then this will give you the blueprint on how to get them to grasp the price without being shocked or surprised.

  • How to easily get the owners to “get” the power of what you’re offering.
  • Easily develop tremendous ‘perceived value’
  • Create value-packed ‘pieces’ ready to be put together as one.
  •  Set the stage for them to envision the results in their own head, leading them to want to buy.

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Video 5

This is the ‘Strike’ component of the method.

  • How to piece everything together into an absolutely irresistible offer.
  • Learn exactly how to get them to commit now, using none of the traditional ‘hard sell’ tactics.
  • Learn to how RIDICULOUSLY easy it is to make them happy afterwards.

Bob, can I sell my whole card in 5 days using this method?

Possibly. What this method does in a nutshell is build value in a very compelling way. It ties everything up by putting together an extremely powerful offer that will be very difficult for an interested business owner to turn down.

If I had to guess how much more effective this is than most pitching methods, I’d say it’s about twice as effective. That means you should be able to fill your card in HALF the time it would normally take.

Stop screwing around “pitching & ditching”

I highly suggest investing in this course:

  • If you want to accelerate your sales
  • If you want to close more deals
  • If you want to become a highly skilled closer
  • If you want to get the PRICE YOU WANT for your spaces….

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