Just Follow My Lead.. We'll Cash-in Together!

Hello there, fellow print profiteer and direct marketing maverick.

Pay close attention, because I’m doing something I’ve never seen a “marketing guru” do before. I’m going to show you real live video featuring me and Mike (my lowest level cold caller) calling complete strangers from thousands of miles away easily scooping up printing and mail deals. And I’ll be giving you the complete process to copy.

Unlike other ‘experts’ I’m actually in the mud cashing in every day just like you and your peons should be.  A $2 per hour caller from Timbuktu would probably have more brains then some of the guys I have working for me and they always set leads left and right all day for me to close.

That means even if you absolutely despise cold calling,  you can follow this method and  outsource the prospecting 100% while you just communicate back to the interested leads, which is how it should be!

All you have to do is follow my lead.


Here’s the “magic” formula plain and simple:

1. Get anyone with a fraction of a brain to read the scripts (which I provide) to the businesses I tell you. 2. Call back the mountains of leads they’ll generate 3. Hammer out the details and  close these virtually self-working deals.

The best thing is, you can just simply copy what I’m doing and start cashing in the same way I am. You’ll be literally “riding the wave” along with me. And I have nothing but YOUR best interests in mind with this manual. There’s no upsell or missing information whatsoever.

You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to start your own “remote selling” business anytime you want with my simple-to-do action plan. I have put every piece of the puzzle together for you.

If you never want to meet prospects face-to-face then
this is your personal ticket to moneytown.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to make money, be successful, and help me down the road by sharing your results with others. I know that some of you don’t like to meet people face to face but still want to sell marketing services. Here’s your chance to do just that.

That’s how I’ve built a ‘cult’ following of real-life money makers and not a B.S. bunch of shiny-object chasers. I genuinely show you methods that work.

I walk the walk unlike 99% of other product creating theory-ists out there. You have absolutely no one better to learn this from the inside-out than me.

Have you ever actually SEEN a cold-calling “expert” actually make calls? Or are they too busy hyping up themselves and giving canned advice out of someone else’s playbook. Are they really in the field everyday like me working deals?  Hell no they aren’t.

Never before has selling from the comfort of your telephone been
so easy and outsourceable.

I  can’t stand it when you see someone talk about cold calling for marketing services and tell you it’s so easy to sell web design, SEO, mobile sites, consulting, or whatever. I call BULL—-T, it’s NOT easy at all.

Maybe five years ago it worked like a charm, but today business owners are completely saturated with internet marketing calls and solicitations. Besides, what you are going to sell; a wordpress site for $500 that takes $300 to create and weeks of headaches and aggravation dealing with the client? Not worth it.

If you put the best SEO, Web Design, Mobile Site, Consulting, or whatever marketing guru on the phone to the same list against ANYONE using my script and services, I am 10000% certain by the time they got a legitimate lead, I’d have fifteen or more ready-to-buy prospects in the same time.

If you have hot leads generating like clockwork, you have yourself a thriving business instantly!

Listen to me, my friend:  take your print profiteering and direct mail knowledge you’ve learned from me already, and simply apply the process I share in this very guide.  You’ll sell wherever you want in the USA, from the comfort of your couch or table and even in your spare time. Or find a slave on elance and have them read my scripts like a robot to generate leads that are so hot to the touch it hurts.

This is hands-down the simplest and most easily-outsourced  process for selling marketing services remotely that you’ll ever encounter period.  I’ll stack this up against any other marketer’s service  out there and blow it away to bits.

Look I know that you can get prospects interested in whatever marketing service you provide when you call owners  in your community. But this is entirely different.

It isn’t about grabbing a deal here-and-there in your backyard. This is about selling to owners across the nation on a daily basis, in rapid-fire fashion, creating long-term profitable relationships with no technical maintenance or internet ‘complexity’ to get the jobs done.

Here’s What I’ve Got Just For You

  • I’m giving you a highly concise forty six page PDF that explains everything in the most simple and easy-to-do fashion. There is not one drop of filler whatsoever. It’s a paint-by-numbers manual for you to duplicate immediately.
  • I’ll share the exact niches I target which are money just waiting for you.This will never be saturated and since I am not publicly launching this, there won’t be eight zillion people copying us anyway. This is made exclusively for my existing members only.
  • I’m including video footage I shot of what we do everyday when selling remotely.
  • You’ll see how anyone with a pulse can make these calls and get hot prospects like clockwork
  • Using my scripts, many deals will literally fall in your lap. Sometimes it’s even perplexing to me how easy this is.


Oh and you’ll learn a devastating closing technique
that is so clever it should be criminal if used!

I’ve spent years honing my closing strategies; testing and putting them into action. If you want to learn a technique that will increase your closing rate (for any product/service) overnight, then you’re in for a real treat.


I’m going to be applying our little “free advertising money” that MN, Teresa, MS, Eva, and others have been discovering in our forum, to this remote selling process.

If you know what I’m talking about I bet your body is shaking in excitement right now. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you will once you get inside. I’m willing to bet there’s not even one product on the planet that will bring that kind of lucrative-ness to the average marketer.

Are you still hesitant about cold calling?

Hey I know how it is, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. That’s why you can outsource all the calling and simply talk to the interested leads. That’s what this is all about really, a method where dummies can do the prospecting so that you can spend your time only talking to interested people.

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Are there any upsells or OTO’s? No, this is an all-inclusive product containing everything you need. I am literally giving you my business model in a box here that you can duplicate. I have had so much demand for my scripts and footage of actual prospecting calls that I felt it would be better value to offer it in a package for my existing members who want to take advantage of remote outsource-able selling.

Do you live outside the USA? I cannot be certain this will work for you. Until someone gives me results otherwise, I am going to say that you should try at your own risk. I’m just not familiar enough with how this would work internationally. I do believe you will get enough value out of the content though regardless.

Will you really make money with this? Well, if you don’t trust in me don’t buy this.  I would much rather you pass if you are not serious.

Now if you get this don’t EVER tell me you couldn’t get someone interested. If you follow these scripts and call exactly who I tell you to call you will have people interested, period. I could stick a stranger off the street on your phone with my scripts and he’d start generating hot leads.

This is as monkey-simple as it gets to make money over the phone.

Do you still suggest using 9×12 or M3? Of course! This is just another method that works like gangbusters and may be more suited to those who are NOT able to go meet with business owners. This is also significantly easier to outsource.

You have no excuse whatsoever to fail to get people on the hook if you just

If you want to see business owners willingly wanting to do business with you EVEN AS A COMPLETE STRANGER from States away–on calls that are colder than ice, from a caller who probably believes the world is flat–then watch and learn.

If I was broke as a joke I would rob the collection plate at church to get this.

Ok I’m kidding about that but I would certainly scour the streets for bottles and cans. Ultimately it’s up to you if you want to see how real-life systemized selling to strangers in action works.

Consider this: I’m giving you  my exact process with nothing held back and I’m treating you to undeniable proof that it works. If you’ve ever been unsure about how easy it really is to make money selling your printing services and/or direct mail campaigns from anywhere, now’s your chance.

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Even if you’re not interested in selling remotely, you’ll get enough value out of this by learning my valuable closing, pricing, and credibility boosting tactics that you can apply to your existing arsenal immediately.

If you need a little more information, you can check out my more detailed youtube video here