Ninja QR

Are you a premier member? Don't miss out on this killer ninja QR code method that's basically a WSO in itself.     READ IT HERE.     … [Continue reading]

Ninja QR Strategy

Don Alm, the marketer with the very vivid imagination, mentioned a strategy recently that I thought was really cool. While I of course take his claims of success and experiences with a big grain of salt, he's definitely a great source of … [Continue reading]

Where’s the PROOF!? (M3)

I've been getting a few inquiries about providing proof of mailing when you setup an M3 deal. In my experience, it's never been much of an issue at all. I do believe that it *could* be an issue if I was approaching business owners as a marketer and … [Continue reading]

Chris Hackett Rakes in BIG money from a simple email.

Chackett - Still at it - BIG TIME SALES .. quoted from our private forum Howdy All, It's been a long time since I've posted in here (or visited really). I wanted to poke in and just see how everyone's doing. I've been doing really well, and … [Continue reading]

Deliver Magazine – Mail that reaches high level targets

In case you're not subscribed to Deliver Magazine (owned by the Post Office), here's a great article that I'd like to share on the power of unique direct mail.. Disguise the Prize September 13, 2012 | by Bruce Britt In the perilous … [Continue reading]