How to Join the Forum

I keep the forum out of the prying eyes of spammers and googlers. That means you’ll have to jump through some hoops to get access but that’s what keeps us secure.

Keep in mind that the forum is invitation-only for paid members.

Step One

  1. Go to the private forum
  2. The forum is located at
  3. Register a new username (the register button is at the top right).

Step Two

  1. When filling out your information, it will ask you for an insider passcode. The passcode is: postcard
  2. complete the registration and check your email to confirm it.

Step Three

email me at with your username (I do not need your password, just the username) so that I can allow it final access and open the forum to you. (Either M3 or 9×12 areas, whichever you qualify for).