Some of the best advice and strategy is available right here in these interviews. There’s nothing like hearing the experiences of others who have successfully completed 9×12’s and solo mailings.

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Anthony M.

After struggling with making money doing offline marketing, he took action on the 9×12, struggled to sell only 5 spaces in 2 weeks and became highly discouraged. Then he discovered a brilliant strategy that allowed him to sell 11 spaces in only 3 days.

Read Anthony’s interview here.


Jake L.

Jake (not me by the way) has been selling solo EDDM services although is now filling 2 9×12’s currently as well. He gained 13 clients selling them other services, using the postcard as a ‘launchpad’.

Jake shares his complex, well thought out and powerful prospecting methods to make the process easy to secure interested leads.

Read Jake’s interview here.


Brian W.

If you have forum access, you may remember Brian’s thread in January Seven Staggering Steps To A Full First Card. ¬†Well, since then he’s got a dozen or more cards out. ¬†2 reps selling part-time for him make this possible.

Read Brian’s interview here.


Ronak G.

Ronak is on his second card, with his first one selling over 200+ responses on one Ad alone. He mentions the importance of a powerful offer.

Read Ronak’s interview here.


Juan C.

Juan has been getting 5%-20% returns on his cards so he’s definitely one you want to learn from. A veteran marketer with a successful track record, he’s had no problems filling cards and converting prospects into Advertisers. He even shares his flyer that he uses to sell prospects with ease.

Read Juan’s interview here.


Caroline O.

If a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids can put out two 9×12’s working only 5 hours per week, there’s no reason you can’t. She prospects using email based on Amanda’s response email script (which she shares here).

Read Caroline’s interview here.


Chris Hackett

I love this guy! Working a full time job with an hour commute each way, he still managed to sell out his card in a month even when he spent a whole week at the beach. He managed to sell 3 spots while at the beach too. Email, Facebook, and a little cold walking all turned into a part-time success.

Read Chris Hackett’s interview here



Currently working his 6th card, Zenyatta hasn’t had a problem getting clients one bit using good ol’ fashioned cold walk-ins. He’s also a walking encylopedia for SMS marketing and uses the 9×12 system as an easy ‘foot-in-the-door’ method of gaining clients for his SMS upsells. Read about his experience integrating SMS with his cards as well.

Read Zenyatta’s interview here



When cold-walkins didn’t pan out well, Crystal turned to cold calling and sold her first card out in just over 3 weeks. Learn her valuable tips and what she would have done different if she started over.

Read Crystal’s interview here


Jeff G.

Selling your cards in 2 weeks takes a special skill, and if you have a salesman like his you can see why.

Read Jeff’s interview here


Carmine R.

With 3 cards out and $4k+ profit each card, find out one unique business that’s advertised on all 3.

Read Jeff’s interview here


Mike L.

Wrapping up his 9×12 and also landing a solo client for over a $1 per mailed piece/

Read Jeff’s interview here


Gary S.

On top of his detailed responses, he gives out some really great resource links.

Read Gary’s interview here


Nolan M.

With an irresistible guarantee, it’s no surprise he filled up an entire card in just two weeks.

Read Nolan’s interview here