Frank Kern on postcard offers

I just saw on youtube an excellent webinar featuring Frank Kern where he goes into detail about utilizing a mailing list and how he drove in customers to his wife’s new fitness center.

I laughed at him paying $400+ for leads from since we have access to infofree, but it doesn’t matter. He explains his reasoning for designing the postcard with multiple methods of responding, which is REALLY REALLY GOOD and worth watching the first 45 minutes or so of this. Don’t pay any attention to the rest of the webinar, just the part where Kern is talking in the beginning.

You’ll really appreciate this I’m sure.

Steve’s “Kohls Cash” strategy

Our forum member Steve (localmobileads-ssg) has been a true inspiration to us all and has came up with some very innovative ideas. Not everyone can pound the pavement each day doing cold walk-ins like he does everyday. 

If you didn’t know, he’s releasing a report on his successful ‘micro mailer’ method very soon. A lot of members have switched to his method because it can be an easier sell.

I’d like to reference a post in the forum he made today, because he decided to give away one of his amazingly cool ideas. The first comment to the post noted how it was similar to the awesome marketing of “kohls cash” so I decided to title it that.


Read the original post here if you have access.

If you didn’t know.Okay i am almost finished with the report, there will be 2 versions,

1. Plain, simple, the guts, of it all!

2. Premium, meaning, report, my own personal real postcards 50 per person, and 1 webinar ( nothing to buy from it either lol ) and info free data preparation!

Now, heres something i was going only release with the report as a bonus: BUT i decided to give it here for free, and share with all a LIGHTBULB idea i am implementing soon in my own business!

Above and beyond the postcards we produce, the spots we seek to secure, which is 16 in total per postcard, we explain the “benefit”, the “value” and the “uniqueness” of it all…………..BUT!

Wait, hold yer horses there Old McDonald! lol

Our statistics have are expectant upon %’s of redeemers right? ( Meaning, conversion rate, 0.5%, 1% etc etc ) Its what is the norm with the Direct Mail Industry, most business owners have been “misinformed” sadly by our so called “competition”, so i now have a tendency to actually “shy away” from bringing up any numbers, figures, or percentages, i instead focus upon the “Ultra Targeted” zoning surrounding their store front establishments, which is what the real reason of advertising for mom and pop shops was originally intended!

Damn the larger chains that have made all “flock” to their MEGA fronts, and create chaos through and through, ( and why we will look even more the hero to them with this added ingredient to the recipe of your and their success! )

So to not make this too, too, long, per say, heres the additive to the flavoring!

Our biggest “pointer” within our spiel should be the magical word “retention” yup, amazing aint it? Retention is every business owners worry, and concern!



Well peeps here it is: ( I have already mentioned this to jake, as i asked him to quote me on various quantities! )

When you sell, or ahemmm, as most like to use “secure” a spot on the postcard, you edit the ad, wait to complete the card, it goes out…………..and then what? Biting of nails, hoping the response rates will be astronomical, in favor the biz owner, well, good thought to ponder, but how about the consumers that do take advantage of the “offer”, they go out, grab it and go home, but next month, ( unless you have renewed the same biz, and another good offer, who knows right? ) things dont work out the way wanted it too,

a) couldnt fill the postcard in time, so its delayed, etc etc………..
b) just felt plain lazy, so i am gonna procrastinate ( yup majority of us do this, what a shocker eh? )
c) use this NEW IDEA!

Well, when you go and sell your spots peeps, while you explain the benefits of it all, why dont you also explain what they can DO, to create RETENTION, yes, REPEAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS< heck a whole slew of them, a whole army of repeaters!

YOU OFFER this biz owner the option ( SOme will be idiots and say no ) of above and beyond the ad it self, to order 100, 250 or 500, either, 3×5, or 4×6 postcards, one sided color printing that states this:

Thanks for coming to our store, to show you our appreciation, please present this card on your next ( or for even the whole month ) visit and receive: ( “OFFER” )
( make a simple design, with an offer, as one side is in color and the back will be Black & White )

SO what have you offered the business owner by doing this? Repeat business from a new ride he/she took: and made the same people that took advantage, with ADDED INCENTIVE to come back, again and again and again!

THIS IS NOT TO MAKE MORE $$$ FOR YOU! This is an added value you are offering to the business owner, the cost of 3×5 or 4×6 postcards are miniscule, cheap, add $10 to $20 on top of your cost and HELP THE BIZ OWNER increase his/her ROI< tremendously! You pitch this from the get go, explain why they should do this, NO ONE ELSE does this, larger chained stores use this technique quite deceptively, GAP< MACY’S etc etc, you go to pay and add a booklet, or coupon to use for next visit, and guess what……………..consumers use those “extras” to save money, and in turn helps the business grow their sales monthly.

I will be doing this in all new areas i enter, and even for the renewals of zips already done by me, our job is to ARM the business owner with every possible “tool” within our disposal, if you are not doing so, and just focus on one method to “aid” their business, your dust in the wind the moment you walked out the door!

So that my fellow forum members, is my BONUS to you, go and use it, effective ASAP lol