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    by Published on 12-27-2014 01:54 AM

    A treasure trove blog of sales and email info:


    3 Research-Backed Ways to Capture the Attention of a Reluctant Prospect

    June 13, 2014 by Lydia Dishman in Sales
    Whether you’ve been in sales for six weeks or six decades, chances are you’ve come up against prospects who put you off with the following:

    • “Can we talk later?”
    • “Thanks, but I don’t have the budget for that.”
    • “I’m all set for now.

    “It’s frustrating, and it can make you question your whole approach to selling. But the latter
    by Published on 10-11-2014 04:30 PM

    Okay, believe it or not, my original response may have been a little in jest (and I wasn't even drinking).

    Here are the answers that I have experienced.

    1. % of people who sign up for recurring mailings?
    That varies. If the business has advertised in the past consistently, and they see results with advertising on your postcard, they will advertise again. If you get them to advertise for the first time, then most likely, they are not going to understand the value of the lifetime customer. They are going to expect a 2% return rate (even if it is not a pizza ad). You need to sell the value and also after the sale, make sure they have a system to capture ...
    by Published on 08-04-2014 10:50 AM  Number of Views: 1843 

    I haven't posted here in a while but I do still visit and try to stay in the loop with printing & EDDM. I have a full time business unrelated to printing and is keeping me extremely busy which is good.

    As a result I had to put printing on the back burner because I wasn't getting anywhere with it after spending an enormous amount of time learning the business and trying to get it off the ground. I was taking way too much time away from my main business which is my bread & butter ...
    by Published on 09-21-2012 07:39 AM

    Best to go and read it here as it includes a chart--> http://www.forbes.com/sites/marketsh...-ignore/print/

    By Steve Olenski, Contributor

    In all honesty when I wrote the title for this article I had to catch myself for I could not believe that such a title would still be necessary in this day and age of iPhones, Androids and the ever-growing prevalent use thereof. But, truth be told, my title is a paraphrase of something Mark Donovan, comScore SVP of mobile, said in regards to the findings of a recent study as part of its Mobile Metrix 2.0 service.

    According to the press release announcing the findings, the study revealed “4 in every 5 smartphone users – 85.9 million in ...
    by Published on 05-16-2012 08:56 AM

    I came across an article in the Harvard Business Review that should help us all in showing value of the postcards and also overcome objections from business owners.

    It is not a long article, here is a portion:

    "In a experiment with eight national retailers, we analyzed campaigns involving more than 500,000 targeted coupons, for items representing more than 300 brands, mailed out over 16 months. We found that consumers who received but did not redeem coupons still typically increased their purchases in the associated stores. In fact, as a group the nonredeemers accounted for 60% of the coupons’ ...
    by Published on 05-15-2012 11:47 PM

    *Please see my one night many new advertisers as the prelude to this post

    * I had to delete some for the post to be within the 10k word limit. Please visit the link below for more.

    Below are the relative advantages and disadvantages of the advertising media most frequently used by small businesses:

    Pay Per Click Advertising (Search Engines)

    As the Web becomes a must-use daily medium today, pay per click (PPC) advertising has grown by leaps and bounds. PPC advertisement is a form of advertising where ads are run and shown in search engines (including their partner sites). PPC ads allow advertisers to pay for visitors on mostly cost per click basis, though some options for cost per impressions are available as well.


    Pay only for results (clicks)
    Ability to select where your ads will be shown, giving a better chance to reach target audiences
    Can generate immediate visibility, as ads go live immediately
    Ads can be easily modified, adjusted even deleted instantaneously depending on the results
    Allows for quick, easy tracking of the effectiveness of the campaign allowing you to better analyze the return on your investments (ROI)


    Broad match, the default option where the ad is shown and automatically ...
    by Published on 05-14-2012 07:39 PM

    Hi, just had to address that concern...
    How do we show business owners that our method is proven and reliable?
    Postcards are proven. Direct mail is proven. Heck, the USPS is proven... your prospects trust that something they stick in the mailbox will eventually arrive, right? You've got a unique way of putting all this together, that's all - this "delivery model" is based on solid, familiar tools.

    If people don't respond to an offer on the card, that's a function of the message, not the delivery ...

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